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Why Bangladesh for Recruitment

Bangladesh is a densely populated country with a population of 140 million of which about 40 million are civilian labor force. A well developed education and training system make them active skilled and qualified to meet demands of domestic and foreign markets. At present there are :­



11 (Eleven)

Arts, Science, Commerce, Fine Arts, LL.B, B.ED., M.ED, BBA, MBA

Engineering University

5 (Five)

Civil, Mechanical, Electrical & Electronics, Architecture, Marine, Soil, Chemical, Water Resources etc.

Agriculture University

1 (One)

In Different Faculties

Post Graduate Medical
10 (Ten)

In Different Faculties

Medical College
16 (Sixteen)

In Different Faculties

Dental College
3 (Three)

In Different Faculties

Engineering College
4 (Four)
Civil, Mechanical, Electronics & Electrical, Chemical.
Art College
2 (Two)

Fine Arts, Commercial Arts, Graphic Arts Oriental Arts, Sculpture, Ceramic etc.

Agriculture College

3 (Three)

In Different faculties

College of Leather

2 (Two)

Tejgaon Leather Institute, Dhaka Leather Institute


1 (One)
In Different faculties

Polytechnic Institute

18 (Eighteen)

Civil, Electrical, Mechanical, Architecture, Drafting, Survey etc.

Vocational Training Centre

54 (Fifty four)

Plumbing, Welding, Masonry, Carpentry, Automobile, Leather Technology, Radio & Television, Mechanism, Pipe Fitting Foundry, Survey, Graphic Arts, Draftsmanship Ceramic, Textile etc.

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