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It is Known to everyone that globalization has led to the irreversible process of interdependence in every field of business activities and it is more applicable in the sector of human resource required for any kind of project implementation. Projects may vary - small, medium or major but manpower is a must to make the projects implemented . For the countries where local manpower is scarse, it has become order of the day to hire workforce from abroad. This is where Bangladesh is prepared with abundance of skilled, semi skilled and general workers to be recruited. This is why millions of workers from Bangladesh started getting employed from early 1980 's and it is unending.
  Since the founding of Celebrity international in 1995 in the field of human resource recruitment, we have mobilized thousands of skilled and general laborers to almost every Oil-rich Middle Eastern Countries and South-East including Malaysia, Brunei, and our principals in those countries are enjoying depending on us as their associate for each & every manpower required from Bangladesh.  

The secret of our success lies behind the strong back-up support of our highly professional team of executives who knows exactly where and how to find out right man for the right job to mobilize for our principal abroad to implement their project within stipulated time­frame.


In the pages that follow, we have tried to present a brief outline about ourselves. It will explain our method and procedure of action as it will give details of our modus operate. We are in ownership of Recruiting license # RL-503 issued by the Ministry of expatriate Welfare & Overseas Employment, Govt. of Bangladesh and member of Bangladesh Association of International Recruiting Agencies (BAIRA) and Dhaka Chamber of Commerce & Industries. (DCCI).


May we request your good self to give us a chance to prove our worth.

  Yours faithfully  
  Mohd Abdul Hai  
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